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Your life is your story. Write well. Edit often.

- Susan Statham

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Every year you set new year’s resolutions, and yet, they never seem to stick. You’ve always been optimistic about the future. And yet, you find yourself experiencing a growing dissatisfaction with the status quo, but the thought of making changes in your life and the world around you to find greater happiness and ease feels  overwhelming and maybe even selfish.

Part workshop, part retreat

this experience is about reflecting on the past in order to move forward with hope, action, and intention to flourish and find joy in the new year

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If you’re here reading this, you’re likely someone looking to make meaningful changes in the new year. The only problem? The stress and uncertainty of life has left you feeling exhausted, burned out, and disconnected from a sense of purpose and a vision for your future, and struggling to find your voice in the noise of what’s happening in the world today.

The past few years have been exceptionally difficult. We’ve collectively navigated grief, trauma, the ups and downs of pandemic fatigue, assaults on basic human rights, and numerous racial and social injustices. It’s left many of us feeling disconnected and alone, struggling to feel grateful for what we have or where we find ourselves at this moment. It’s also left many of us experiencing a growing dissatisfaction with the status quo but lacking the motivation to make changes in our lives and the world around us. 

There’s a word for this – it’s called languishing, and if you’re feeling it, I promise you’re not alone.

But languishing doesn’t have to be a way of life. I can show you how to create mindful intentions and turn them into action steps for the new year through intention boards so that you can begin to shift from a space of languishing into one of flourishing.

 Do you:

  • Feel exhausted thinking about new year’s resolutions, goals, and outcomes.
  • Find it overwhelming to think about the state of the world and figure out how to break out of this space to make a few meaningful changes in the new year?
  • Feel disconnected and isolated due to the pandemic or other world events?
  • Struggle to turn your goals and intentions into meaningful action?
  • Have a hard time feeling grateful for anything these days?
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Through this workshop, you’ll not only begin to flourish, but you’ll use the power of creativity and community to create new intentions, set meaningful goals, and design a 2023 that allows you to reconnect to purpose and joy.

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I’m Dimple, and I have personally experienced the power of intention boards for creating meaningful change in the new year. For almost a decade, my sister and I have taken our hopeful reflections and turned them into action steps for the new year through the beautiful ritual of creating intention boards. Knowing the power of this experience, I  wanted to share it with others. For the past five years I’ve helped individuals slow down, reflect and tap into intuition, creativity, and inner wisdom through Believe, Design, Flourish workshops. Together we plant seeds of action to help us  reach our goals and leave the experience with a stunning reminder of our most important areas of focus in the coming year.

Imagine if you could . . .
  • Tap into your own intuition and gain clarity about where to focus your time and energy in the new year
  • Engage in self-care and healing on a daily basis from the comfort of your home
  • Process emotions, work through difficult experiences, and make sense of the world around you
  • Connect with others who have similar experiences to build a community of support
  •  Use your creativity to reconnect to hope, gratitude and resilience

I would love to help you. Together we’ll gather in community to create intention boards and overcome self-limiting beliefs through story-healing circles so we can move ourselves from languishing to flourishing and reconnect to purpose and joy again.

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New This Year

In addition to creating beautiful intention boards, this year, we’ll engage in story-healing circles to identify the self-limiting beliefs that often prevent us from turning our goals and intentions into reality. Using writing prompts, journaling, and group coaching, we’ll create opportunities to step outside of the day-to-day and observe our lives from different perspectives, helping us gain clarity during times of uncertainty and find new ways to cope with challenges. Writing can be a form of self-care and healing. Writing and sharing in community allows us to connect with others who have shared similar experiences and build a community of support, cultivate new perspectives and insights, and reconnect to hope, gratitude and resilience.


Once you register, you’ll receive access to our community space where you'll find everything you need to prepare for our time together.
Part One:
Intention Board Workshop

We’ll gather virtually on Zoom and after a visualization exercise, we work through the steps of building out our boards. Then, each person has an opportunity to share their intentions for the new year with the group so you can find accountability within the community. 


Intention Board Workshop Date

January 8, 11am - 4pm EST 

Part Two:
21 Days of Self-Reflection

After completing your intention board you’ll receive access to a daily journaling prompt in our online community. You won’t be asked to share what you wrote, however, you will have an opportunity to share your  insights from your writing in our online community each day.


Daily Journaling Prompts Access Available in January 2023 

Part Three:
Story Healing Circles

In February we’ll gather in community to experience the power of sharing our stories. We use insights from the 21 days of reflection, to identify and release self-limiting stories and beliefs, allowing us to move into the new year with a clear vision and action steps.


Story Healing Circle Date

February 11, 11:00am - 12:30pm EST


In an effort to create brave spaces where people can feel comfortable showing up fully and sharing their stories, I am limiting the number of seats available in each session, so I encourage you to register today. All sessions will be recorded so if you can’t attend on the day of, you can still do the work on your own.

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Imagine what might be possible if you woke up feeling lighter and happier because you went into the new year with clarity, purpose and accountability through community.


What You Get

  • Clarity of purpose through intention setting
  • The tools to overcome self-limiting beliefs
  • Accountability through community
  • Support to help you move from languishing to flourishing

Your Next Steps

  • Select your preferred offer below to register!

  • Give yourself a high five for choosing to enter the next year with intention!

  • Once you've registered you'll be able to access the Believe | Design | Flourish community page where you'll find a welcome video with more information and a workbook to get you started.

​​* I'm happy to be able to provide a number of subsidized spaces to people who are unable to swing the full cost of the course and who identify as Black, Indigenous, Latinx or a member of any other communities of color and to those in the trans and disability communities. If this is you, click the image below labeled SCHOLARSHIP to register. This is an honor-based system — the full-price, general admission payers help to fund these spots. I'm lovingly trusting you to be cool like the Fonz and only take one of these spots if that description applies to you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected]. Thank you!



Dimple Dhabalia, is the founder of Roots in the Clouds and a coach, facilitator, storyteller, and leader of leaders. Dimple’s cutting-edge work uses the power of storytelling and human-centered leadership to unpack and heal old narratives, mitigate trauma and burnout, and create meaningful connection between people working in mission-driven spaces. 

With close to 20 years of experience at the crossroads of the government and humanitarian sectors, Dimple understands the unique occupational challenges facing leaders across mission-driven sectors and organizations. Using her own experiences as a catalyst she provides tools, strategies, skills, and space for leaders to do their own inner work to perform at their best, not just once, but over a career and lifetime.

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Still not sure? Check out what people are saying!

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If you are looking for a safe space to connect with yourself and with others while creating a concrete representation of the year to come, BDF is a fantastic offering! Dimple offers gentle, clear guidance and invites us to participate in the way that works for us. It's fun and empowering to share the collective energy of this day and to see what comes through in our creations. 

– Barb Klein

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BDF was the perfect gift to myself! I had no expectations and was open and curious. This is the first time I’ve done a vision board and recommend this for everyone. I’m already using the vision board! Looking forward to the new year and feel more direction for the journey. 

- Jody Carmen

quotation leftThe BDF workshop allowed me to sit down and reflect on my year, and goals for the upcoming year – it made the workshop experience and the envisioning process more intentional.  - Alma Ortman

quotation leftI found the BDF workshop so helpful – the questions I was asked to consider were poignant and really helped guide me in reviewing my year, getting a gauge of where I’m at emotionally and where I want to go, and how I really want to be feeling

- Kajal Lucas

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