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Challenging the Narrative of Service Before Self


At the heart of the word humanitarian is human.

The work of serving others never ends, and it demands a great deal from those who take it on—more than they have to give, if they’re not careful. But helping others shouldn’t come at the cost of one’s own health and well-being. And yet, years of putting mission needs before their own, coupled with the impact of a global pandemic, has left many humanitarians across mission-driven fields struggling to acknowledge their pain and serve others at the same time. It’s left them languishing, exhausted, stressed out, burned out, traumatized, morally injured, depressed, anxious, and facing a seemingly impossible choice:

Them or me?

In Tell Me My Story–Challenging the Narrative of Service Before Self, Dimple D. Dhabalia asks humanitarians to consider if the path they’ve chosen is actually an invitation–to see and heal and love and embrace their own humanity through the stories of the people they’re serving? What if the path is giving them powerful opportunities to reveal and heal their own wounds, without them realizing it? And what if healing could happen at both the individual and organizational levels?


Part memoir, part manifesto,

Tell Me My Story is one leader’s message of hope and map for healing to those doing humanitarian work. It’s also a reminder: This service and the people who do it are crucial to our world, and we must equip, empower, and encourage them to do it without destroying themselves in the process.

Service without self-sacrifice is a story we must write together.

Early Praise for Tell Me My Story


“Tell Me My Story is a profound guide for anyone navigating the complexities of service and shows how embracing our humanity can lead to transformative healing and change.”

             - David Treleaven, PhD, author of Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness: Practices for Safe and Transformative Healing


“In Tell Me My Story Dimple Dhabalia offers suggestions and practices for how people and organizations can shift their mindsets and create cultures of empathy. This book should be required reading for staff at institutions that serve communities around the world.”

              - Deepa Iyer, author of Social Change Now: A Guide for Reflection and Connection                                                           


“Tell Me My Story is a must-read—not only for those who dedicate their lives to helping others but for all who have a story in need of healing.”

              - Angela Bailey, Founder & CEO, Angela Baiely and Associates and Former Chief Human Capital Officer                                                 Department of Homeland Security


"Tell Me My Story is a must-read book for all those who work in fields that expose them to the traumatic experiences of others (secondary trauma) or those who have lived through their own traumatic familial or life experiences.”  

             - The Hon. Elizabeth Weishaupl, Mediator/Arbitrator/Special Appointed Neutral



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DIMPLE DHABALIA is the founder of Roots in the Clouds, a boutique consulting firm specializing in using the power of story to heal individual and organizational trauma and moral injury. She is also a writer, podcaster, coach, and facilitator, who brings over twenty years of experience working at the intersection of leadership, mindfulness, and storytelling.

Her path to becoming a thought leader was a circuitous one, unfolding over the course of almost two decades of living, working, and traveling in more than 40 countries, serving the most vulnerable people in the world. With both the empowering and challenging experiences from her career as a catalyst, Dimple launched Roots in the Clouds in 2021 with the personal mission of transforming mission-driven sectors by building human-centered cultures that are able to meet mission needs and create psychologically safe spaces of empathy, connection, well-being and belonging for staff .

Today Dimple’s work supports a holistic approach to addressing individual and organizational trauma and moral injury. She creates brave spaces for emerging and seasoned leaders to use the power of stories to preserve their own humanity as they work to preserve it for others.

Dimple is an International Coaching Federation-accredited coach, certified in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP), and is a certified Mindful Performance Enhancement, Awareness, and Knowledge (mPEAK) facilitator. She has a JD from the University of Denver, College of Law, and a BA in Institutions and Policies and a Politics Philosophy and Economics degree from William Jewell College and Oxford University.

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