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Your organization is focused on healing root issues and building psychological safety to create long-term and sustainable change and growth.

You need proven strategies and thoughtful guidance as you work to address and heal root issues, create long-term and sustainable change and growth, and transform your culture.

We work with senior leadership teams who are ready to align their organizational values with desired culture shifts, addressing individual and systemic levels of change to cultivate and integrate equity, connection, well-being, and belonging into the fabric of organizational culture.
Working together we create personalized “blueprints” for organizational change by helping leaders create brave spaces where everyone can come together to have honest conversations and recognize that we all have a role to play in changing the systems we’ve inherited, and rebuilding something new in their place.

We support organizations and senior leadership teams with the following:

  • Creating a personalized culture plan for increasing employee engagement, well-being, development, and outreach
  • Planning and facilitating workshops focused on human-centered leadership: helping leaders develop a non-judgmental awareness of their own biases and subtle acts of exclusion (microaggressions) and how they impact organizational culture and leadership, building emotional intelligence and relational skills, psychological safety, and effectively leading through times of crisis and uncertainty.
  • Conducting an Organizational Trauma assessment
  • Developing and executing Diversity Climate Assessments
  • Creating customized “blueprints” for addressing systemic inequities and integrating DEIB into the fabric of the organization’s culture
  • Facilitating customized guided healing and dialogue circles
  • Scaling human-centered leadership development through our signature True North Leadership Rollout Program

Our customized, well-rounded, and practical programming will meet your organization at the intersection of leadership, culture and belonging and move you from discovery and awareness to action and impact.

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