Our Better Company, Better World Pledge

Our Workweek

Roots in the Clouds follows a non-traditional workweek and operate on Eastern Standard Time (EST).

We serve clients from 11am to 5pm EST on Monday and Thursday, and from 11am – 1pm EST on Friday. Please keep this in mind when you’re waiting on a response from us.

We believe in walking our talk when it comes to our well-being. We believe that in order to best serve our clients and community, it’s important for us to engage in periods of deep rest and to set aside time to find inspiration and tap into  creativity.

It may seem radical to operate this way, but studies show that adopting a shorter workweek leads to happier teams, improved mental health, greater productivity, and higher profits.

Time to Live

We pause operations from mid-June to mid-July in the summer and from mid-December to mid-January in the winter to rest and recharge.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB)

We are currently a small, but mighty team, committed to creating spaces of belonging for everyone regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, age, gender, ability, or sexual orientation, and we work hard to walk our talk by ensuring that individuals and organizations with whom we partner are willing to uphold these values, too.

Inclusion and belonging are reflected in the way we work with clients. In our courses, we aim to offer materials in written, audio, and video format (with closed captioning) to suit a variety of learning styles.

When it comes to DEIB, there’s always room for improvement. We will continue seeking out ways to learn, do more, and do better, and value your feedback along the way.

Giving Back

We offer at least one scholarship per course to people working in helping professions and whose lives have been significantly impacted by the pandemic.

Our founder's parents always taught her that it was a gift to be able to feed others. For this reason, we also commit to donating a percentage of our annual profits to organizations that are committed to feeding people around the world.

Mental Health First

Mental health comes first. Always.

If members of our team need an extra day off, no problem.

If a client is abusive or disrespectful to any member of our internal or collaborative team, this behavior is not acceptable and that client will not be invited to work with us again.

We wholeheartedly believe that generating revenue should never require sacrificing our peace, well-being, and health.

Our Commitment

We take this Pledge seriously.

We regularly will evaluate how we're doing throughout the year and make sure we're honoring this Pledge and doing the things we promised to do.

We will revise this Pledge periodically as the company grows and evolves.

Our Hope

We hope that this Better Company, Better World Pledge creates a ripple in the world—inspiring other folks to work and live differently.

If you notice something on this Pledge that you want to adopt in your own life (or company) please do so.

Discuss it with your colleagues, and make positive changes.

Small businesses like ours (and yours) can make a big difference.

*This pledge was inspired by a similar pledge created by Get It Done, LLC.

Download a Copy of the Pledge