True North Leadership Program™

Using principles of mindful performance and positive psychology, our True North Leadership Program™ was designed to support organizations invested in developing transformational leaders who lead with head and heart, and are able to connect with and inspire the people around them.

Leadership that creates transformational cultures relies on leaders who:

  • Acknowledge and address their blind spots
  • Tune into their mind-body response to stress, crisis, and trauma
  • Employ curiosity over judgment
  • Create brave spaces that promote psychological safety and trust
  • Successfully navigate change and effectively communicate in times of adversity and crisis
  • Provide meaningful and timely performance feedback
  • Understand the power of compassion and empathy to create connection and belonging
  • Identify and move past self-limiting beliefs
  • Practice regular self-care and model healthy boundaries
  • Recognize that their teams are made up of whole human beings who are complex and doing their best in a given moment

Our human-centered approach to leadership creates space for leaders to do their own inner work of cultivating self-awareness, self-compassion and the ability to self-regulate emotions in real time, and enhances their confidence and emotional intelligence. Human-centered leaders are a fundamental part of building trust and psychological safety, and for creating and sustaining diverse, equitable, and inclusive cultures of connection, well-being, and belonging.

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