Leadership Coaching

Now more than ever we need leaders who are brave enough to be radically human.

At RITC our coaching programs support leaders across high human impact (HHI) sectors who, in addition to contending with the uncertainty, ambiguity, and complexity of daily life, also face unique occupational challenges like vicarious trauma, depression, anxiety, compassion fatigue, and moral injury.

Our personalized coaching engagements are co-created with our clients and use principles of mindful performance and positive psychology to help emerging and seasoned leaders cultivate self-awareness, self-compassion and the ability to self-regulate in real time to help them thrive in their life, and in their leadership.

Whether you’re navigating unfamiliar territory, embarking on a transition, working through trauma, overcoming imposter syndrome, or struggling to create more equity and belonging on your team or in your organization, we are trained to meet you where you’re at and co-create a plan that works for you. We provide unique approaches to help leaders ranging from first and second-line supervisors and mid-level managers to executives, clarify and align their values, voice, and vision, and take a human-centered leadership approach to navigating uncertainty, managing unique occupational stressors, and addressing equity and inclusion concerns effectively.

With 1:1 Leadership Coaching You’ll Be Able To:

  • Assess and prioritize the areas of your life requiring the most attention
  • Identify your character strengths and learn how to leverage them in your leadership
  • Create and hold boundaries around your time and energy in alignment with your core values
  • Develop awareness around blind spots and limiting beliefs to more confidently lead others
  • Learn to befriend your inner critic with more compassion
  • Build the skill of self-regulation to more effectively lead team members and peers through periods of uncertainty and challenge
  • Get clarity on your goals and intentions and identify steps you need to take achieve them
  • Create deeper connections with team members and peers
  • Feel more confident in addressing equity and inclusion concerns

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quotation leftAs a result of being coached by Dimple, I’ve changed my outlook or perspective on life, both my professional and my personal life. Through my work with Dimple I was reminded of, and given the tools to be self-reflective and change how I was viewing things. Not to sound cliché, but the whole process was life changing. My entire attitude has changed. Dimple was most skilled at helping me to reflect on things. This was challenging at times because I would be self-reflective and therefore would discover things about me that I wouldn’t normally have known without digging deeper to learn more about myself. During those times when I discovered and highlighted areas of improvement for myself, Dimple was very encouraging and realistic. I really benefited from working with her. I’ve grown in ways that I didn’t know that I needed to. I will continually apply the tools that I learned from this and will hopefully continue to grow professionally and personally.

Dionne Smith
US Department of Treasury

quotation leftI started coaching with Dimple as a way to think strategically about my career, by the end of our sessions I was thinking strategically about my happiness. She guided me on a path that allowed me to dream big about the future, but also set and accomplish smaller goals that had a major impact on how I live my life today.

Erin Hottel
US Citizenship and Immigration Services, Department of Homeland Security

quotation leftI came to Dimple for coaching seeking direction after changing my career trajectory. I had become laser focused on my upward professional identity, success, and happiness that when I achieved it, it was great, but unbalanced with my personal happiness. I had transitioned to a more work-life balanced role and felt like I was floundering and unchallenged. Dimple took time to understand how I learn and communicate, to find creative ways to explore my options and the root issue. Her communication style is was caring, motivating, and straight-forward. We discovered together that I was not floundering, but my current team lacked 3 elements that I need to feel fulfilled and successful in most aspects of my life. We achieved this break-through early in our sessions and with Dimple’s patience and skill, she helped me set goals to change my mindset and behaviors that would help me identify those elements in my current and future roles. Identifying these elements and using the tools she provided has led to ongoing success, positivity, and happiness in all areas of my life.

Melanie Frank
US of Housing and Urban Development