Healing and rebuilding organizational culture through human-centered leadership

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Roots in the Clouds works at the intersection of leadership, culture, and belonging.


We help mission-driven organizations dismantle the outdated and oppressive systems they’ve inherited, and replace them with thoughtfully redesigned nimble, human-centered cultures where head, heart, and metrics work together to heal organizational trauma and create psychologically safe spaces of connection, belonging, and well-being.

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1:1 coaching using principles of mindful performance and positive psychology to help emerging and seasoned leaders thrive in their life, and in their leadership.



Brave spaces of support for teams to navigate hard conversations and build equity, connection, belonging and well-being into the fabric of team culture.


Support for

Culture design + strategic direction for unpacking and healing long-standing systemic issues, creating psychological safety, and operationalizing DEIB.


and Events

Sessions designed to support leaders to do their own inner work to more effectively lead and navigate the challenges of high human impact work.



Programming designed to empower leaders to break old patterns of conditioned thinking, build confidence, and enhance emotional intelligence.



Exploring and healing the impact of workplace challenges through writing and reconnecting to hope and gratitude to continue serving others.



Dimple Dhabalia, is the founder of Roots in the Clouds and a coach, facilitator, and leader of leaders. Dimple’s cutting-edge work supports a holistic approach to unpacking and healing long-standing systemic issues and creating sustainable growth and diversity by weaving equity, inclusion, belonging, and well-being into the fabric of organizational culture.

With close to 20 years of experience at the crossroads of the government and humanitarian sectors, Dimple understands the unique occupational challenges facing leaders across high human impact organizations. Using her own experiences as a catalyst she provides tools, strategies, skills, and space for leaders to do their own inner work to perform at their best, not just once, but over a career and lifetime.

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It’s time to create a new narrative in our organizations that says it’s okay to be more than just one kind of human. That I see you and value you as a whole human being. That you belong.

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that sustainable change and growth happens at the intersection of leadership, culture and belonging.

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Unlike the hard-charging, data-driven, one-size-fits all change management approaches to culture design and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) work used by many traditional consulting firms, Roots in the Clouds focuses on helping leaders and organizations integrate diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging - or what we refer to as DEIB - into the fabric of organizational culture.

Our sustainable, healing-focused, and human-centered approach helps leaders and organizations:

  • Tap into common humanity
  • Build trust and psychological safety within their teams and the organization;
  • Bridge the gap between the individual and the larger collective with compassion and empathy;
  • Acknowledge and heal organizational trauma;
  • Balance the health and well-being of the staff with mission needs;
  • Create space for a diversity of perspectives to contribute to the success of the organization; and
  • Operationalize head, heart, and metrics working together for long-term, sustainable growth and mission impact.
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quotation left Dimple is an excellent instructor. Her courses are professionally done and she's a seasoned facilitator and leader in her field, so she has very practical experience. She knows what she's teaching inside and out. The resources she provides are clearly laid out and designed to support you. Everyone in a high demand or leadership position can benefit from working with her.

Nina Sachdev
US Citizenship and Immigration Services, Department of Homeland Security

quotation left Dimple is an open, accepting and deeply knowledgeable and compassionate teacher. She made the material interesting and relevant, and it always felt like an ongoing conversation. She skillfully navigates obstacles and makes everyone feel seen and heard. This class was like getting a warm hug, wrapped in a blanket of knowledge.

Jennifer Jines
Creator and Chief Visionary Officer, Kindagious

quotation left There were so many thoughts in my head at the end of the 3-day course I took with Dimple. I’m definitely someone who needs time to process experiences like the mPEAK class, and I’ve spent the entire weekend doing nothing but thinking about intentions and takeaways. Dimple is a FANTASTIC instructor! Truly, I was in awe of her ability to lead the class through three long days of exercises and discussions with such ease. I’m glad I was in this class, and I enjoyed the presence of every student.

LeRoy Potts
US Citizenship and Immigration Services, Department of Homeland Security